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Munuki FC Players Expelled From National Team

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National team committee chairperson has confirmed the exclusion of Munuki players from the national team.

Three Munuki FC players Rehan Angier Malong, Jose Kuch and Dominic Angelo where among 12 local based players summoned in the provisional squad.

The team kicked off with its preparations for the upcoming international friendlies on Saturday with a number of players in the camp.

However, the three Munuki FC players failed to turnup on the stipulated date for the players to arrive prompting them being removed from the team.

Michael Margan told tk sport, the players were removed from the list due to there failure to turn up on time.

“Yes, we removed them from the team because they failed to arrive on the date that was asked of them to be with their team mates,” said Michael.

He further said disciplinary action will be take against the players on their failure to honor the call up quoting article 101 of national team regulations.

“We are in discussion about the players action and based on article 101 we shall see how to deal with them,” Michael added.

However, Munuki FC claim they had agreed to release the said players to the national team after their league game against Al-Rabita FC on Saturday.  

South Sudan plays Uzbekistan on 27th and Jodan on 30th January in Dubai.

The team departs Juba for Dubai on Wednesday 26th January.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Emad

    January 25, 2022 at 5:07 pm

    It’s article 119 not 101

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