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SSCUP: Four Things To Know as The Draw is Scheduled for 14th August

Amarat United Celebrating a league goal against Atlabara FC last season

South Sudan Cup draws under Juba Local Football Association (JLFA) is scheduled to take place this Sunday, 14th August, 2022 at Women Union, 10AM local time.

tk SPORTS would like to highlight four key things to be learnt about Cup tournament this season 2022 – 2023.

  1. 66 Clubs Participating

Three teams; Lobonok United, Nyaying FC and Nesitu have all been promoted to Third Division, bringing the total number in the three Zones; Munuki, Kator and Juba to 34 teams.

Last season, it was the first time that the South Sudan Cup involved all the three Divisions under JLFA, First (12 teams), Second (18) and Third (31).

There were 61 teams that competed in the last edition, though one team (Zahra FC) had to pick “Wait” during the first round because their could be only 30 games.

Another team also had to wait in the second round and joined in the round of 16. But that is going changed this season.

First Division now have 14 teams, Second remains 18 and Third Division 34, making the total number of competing teams to 66.

The first round will have 33 games, though the second round could go back to last season’s style of one teaming picking draw. Unless JLFA comes up with other modalities, such as last season’s two finalists perhaps joins in the later stages of the competition, which is the case with other FAs in other countries.

2. Defending Champions, Amarat United

Amarat United won their second Cup title last season but succumbed to Bor LFA Champions Super Stars in the National competition.

So much has changed at the club, Coach Simon Yor has been relieved off his duties and the team has lost key figures in the dressing room too.

Michael Omar Luate, Captain and shot-stopper Michael Marko both left for Second Division side Jamus FC in the last transfer window. The two were key in last season’s run to the Cup title and will be surely missed at the locker room.

The Skyscrapers have had some decent signings as well but not yet proven names in Juba Local League. The squad is young and talented but it might be too early for them to mount a title defense this season, while considering the stability the likes of Malakia, Kator, Munuki and Atlabara have got in their teams.

3. Buluk Training Center Under Upgrade

The famous Buluk Training Center is undergoing some upgrade by the Athletics Federation and will not be ready to host games until November, according to earlier communications.

These will leave JLFA with few options of Munuki ground, Jamus, Lulogo, Juba One, Rock City and perhaps Seminary ground, which previously have been hosting some games.

The fact that Buluk will not be used, it will affect some teams and the way they love playing, perhaps favoring lower divisions, because they are used to some of the grounds mentioned above.

Though, the impact of the playing ground might not only affect top teams but any team that loves playing passing football.

4. Gate Collection

JLFA and teams have been benefiting from the gate collection at Buluk Training Center but this seems to be at Danger because all the grounds mentioned in point number 3 are open.

This will majorly affect the Association as they used such collected amounts to clear some daily administrative expenses.

Despite all these points, South Sudan Cup returns and tk SPORTS will be at the center of every happenings across different grounds, which will be selected by JLFA.

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